Competence development

In Elkem, we define competence development as "professional and personal development of each employee in line with company values, goals and vision." And further, how we can "retain and develop critical skills in the organization over the long term."

Dual responsibility for learning and development

  • What expectations do you have to Elkem?
  • What do you do yourself to ensure constant development?
  • Dialogue with your supervisor e.g. through the annual development discussion à personal development plan

Elkem's competence model

  • 10% development through course activities
  • 70% development through daily interaction with supervisor, colleagues, mentors, and improvement work
  • 20% development through taking on new challenges

We need employees who are skilled in our core competence and who want a career within technology. We also need people who want to focus on management and development of processes and employees. Elkem offers training activities in both these areas.

We aspire to accommodate our employees' needs as far as possible, by offering different types of training and development enhancing activities.

Management development

We want our company to be characterized by dynamic leadership, which has a good foothold in and knowledge about our core processes, and skills to manage the development of products, processes and people within sound safety and environmental limits. The methods and principles in the Elkem Business System (EBS), provides guidelines and direction for how management practice shall be exercised. All managers must have EBS under their skin!

Knowledge about the processing industry´s special conditions in Norway and abroad, knowledge of technical and economic conditions to drive our processes optimally, and how to make sure that employees thrive and perform and get to use their knowledge and skills to the maximum, are essential management skills in Elkem.