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Elkem Carboderivados

Carboderivados is Elkem Carbon’s own coal tar distillation facility for the production and processing of pitches, oils and blends that are supplied to a variety of industries.

Elkem Carboderivados was established in 1987. The flexible production setup of the company allows it to meet the market needs quickly and deliver tailor-made products to its customers. Elkem Carboderivados has an integrated management system for quality, safety and environment. The plant is situated in the State of Espirito Santo in Brazil.


Pitches and carbonbinders are used in the production of anodes/cathodes in the aluminium industry and carbon electrodes and Söderberg electrode paste used in the ferro-alloys and base metal industries. In addition, tailor made oils and binders are supplied to the chemical and refractory industries.

  • Coal tar pitches
    • Binder pitch
    • Impregnation pitch
  • Methyl Naphthalene
  • Special oils
    • Naphthalene oil
    • Anthracene oil
    • Creosote oil
    • Carbolic oil


Division: Elkem Carbon Rua Atalydes Moreira de Souza, s/n° - CIVIT I CEP: 29168-055 - Serra – ES Brazil