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Elkem Siliconi Italia s.r.l.

Some key Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 75 employees
  • Elkem Silicones Caronno production site was founded in 1969
  • Caronno Pertusella site is today the head office of Elkem Italian subsidiary, as well as the Mix & Fix workshop and the speciality elastomer business.
  • Mix & Fix workshop, silicons fats and elastomers (HCR and RTV-2).
  • Located in in Caronno Pertusella (via Archimede 602) a town placed in between the big cities of Milan and Varese, near Como lake. A strategic point for the commercial route of Northern Italy


Production Division: Elkem Silicones Via Archimede, 602 21042 Caronno Pertusella (va) Italy


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