Our shareholders

In 2011, Elkem joined the China National Bluestar (Group) Ltd. (Bluestar). Bluestar is a global chemical industry group with a focus on new chemical materials and animal nutrition.

A board consisting of seven members govern Elkem, five of whom are elected by the shareholder and two by its employees.

The Bluestar group has 58 factories, 16 research & development (R&D) facilities and a global presence. The headquarter is situated in Beijing, and the main shareholder is ChemChina. The group strategy is to grow within material sciences, life sciences and environmental science.

In addition to Elkem, the biggest overseas subsidiaries of China National Bluestar include the polyethylene and polymers manufacturer Quenos and the animal nutrition supplier Addisseo.

To find out more about Bluestar, visit: http://www.china-bluestar.com/lanxingen/

China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) is the largest enterprise in China's chemical industry. ChemChina is active in six sectors: advanced chemical materials and specialty chemicals, basic chemicals, oil processing, agrochemicals, tire & rubber products and chemical equipment.

ChemChina operates production and R&D bases in 150 countries and regions across the world. It is organized in six strategic business units (SBUs), four directly affiliated units, 92 production and operation enterprises, six overseas enterprises and 24 research institutes and design academies

To find out more about ChemChina, visit: http://www.chemchina.com/portal/index.htm