Vision and values

Elkem's mission is "to contribute to a sustainable future by providing advanced silicon, silicones and carbon solutions, adding value to our stakeholders globally”.

We believe that safe and environmentally responsible production is the only way forward and that together we can develop solutions to many of the world’s challenges.

Our vision: Advanced materials shaping the future

Silicon and carbon are essential elements to produce current and future materials. In Elkem, we believe that safe and environmentally responsible production of these materials is the only way forward. Together, our employees, customers, suppliers and partners can develop solutions to many of the challenges facing our civilisation.

Elkem’s products are based on two of the most common elements in the earth’s crust, silicon and carbon. Elkem’s carbon solutions are required in the production of steel, aluminium, silicon and other metals. Silicon is used to enhance the properties of materials such as aluminium and concrete, and Elkem’s silicones solutions are essential in a vast array of products, from computers and smartphones, kitchen utensils and medical equipment, to windmills and solar cells.

Elkem is at the forefront when it comes to understanding the complexities of the silicon and silicones processes. Our research contributes to safer and more efficient production. This reduces energy consumption, emissions (e.g. CO₂ and NOₓ), increases yields and allows for the efficient usage of more and more by-products.

Elkem is working to implement energy management and energy recovery at all plants. Our ultimate aim is to remove all waste in the production process by turning all by-products and side streams into useful and valuable products.

Our values guide our work

Elkem’s values form the foundation for the way we do business. Our dedicated employees base their work on involvement, respect, precision and continuous improvement.

Involvement commits people. We know that only people can identify problems and opportunities and find solutions. By involving colleagues, customers and other stakeholders, and by being transparent and committed to teamwork, we increase our ability to learn and develop new solutions.

We respect the law, the environment, our employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers, owners, local communities and different cultures. Respect is about being fair, open and honest, trusting your colleagues and partners and appreciating diversity.

Commitment to precision expresses itself through our work to develop and follow standards of best practice and safe and stable production. By establishing work and safety standards, we can measure and continuously improve our performance.

We know that the value chain can always be improved. We do this through experimenting, using new technology and looking for ways to eliminating waste. Continuous improvement means that we are always looking for improvement potential, keeping an open mind and always ready to learn and share our knowledge.