Solutions for aluminium

Cathode blocks

Elkem Carbon graphitised cathode blocks provide the basis for a long pot life and stable operation. The high density and wear resistant block is produced with carefully selected raw materials prepared with Elkem Carbon’s proprietary technology.

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Cathode ramming pastes

ELSEAL® is Elkem Carbon’s high quality cathode ramming paste product range. The products have proven performance in all reduction cell technologies, and are well suited for any installation method.

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Coal tar products

The flexible production setup of Elkem Carboderivados allows the company to meet the market needs quickly and deliver tailor-made products to its customers. Main products are liquid and spheroidal pitches, aromatic oils and naphthalene.

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Silicon for aluminium alloys

Elkem offers a complete range of silicon grades, both for critical safety parts such as aluminium wheels, and material for use in the environmentally important secondary aluminium industry. We combine a continuously improved product range with new technology, aiming at fast solubility and high silicon recovery.
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Silicon for aluminium brazing

Silgrain® Braze is a silicon powder specially developed for the aluminium brazing industry. Aluminium brazing is typically used for the production of heat exchangers in the automotive industry, such as radiators, and indoor applications, such as air conditioning and refrigeration. Special care is taken to closely control the particle size distribution and minimise the risk of oversize particles in our Silgrain® Braze product.
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