Marine Bridge and Coastal

Elkem Microsilica® is used in the construction of marine bridges, ports, harbours and other coastal infrastructure.


For tunnel and mining applications, Elkem Microsilica® is used in a variety of ways.

Hydroelectric & Nuclear

Elkem Microsilica® creates performance and sustainability benefitsforhydroelectric & nuclear energy constructionprojects.

Commercial buildings

Elkem Microsilica® is used in the construction of the world's tallest buildings. A classic example is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Solutions for building & construction

Ferrosilicon for steel

A wide range of ferrosilicon alloys are available for alloying and deoxidation purposes in steelmaking processes. Elkem supplies ferrosilicon to the steel and steel related industry. Ferrosilicon is an important additive in the manufacture of steel products. Our main markets are the worldwide producers of alloyed, stainless and carbon steel, as well as the producers of manganese alloys.

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Fibre cement additive

For fibre cement products, Elkem recommends Elkem Microsilica® powder grades 920 & 940 and Emsac® slurry grade Emsac® 500
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GroutAid® is the essential microsilica additive for improving cement injection grouts
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Gypsum board additive

Elkem Microsilica® can be used in gypsum products as a process aid, to improve ingredient dispersion and to improve hardened properties and overall durability, particularly in fire tests.
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High performance concrete

For over 30 years, the world’s most prestigious construction projects have put their trust in Elkem Microsilica®.  Microsilica makes concrete stronger, more durable and sustainable.
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Iron foundry products

Elkem manufactures a wide range of inoculants, MgFeSi alloys and preconditioners for the production of cast irons. Alloys are available from the extensive portfolio to cover all foundry conditions and iron qualities.

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Silicon for plasma spraying

Elkem has been producing industrial volumes of high purity silicon for plasma spraying processes since 2007. Plasma spraying are used both for production of sputtering targets and direct surface coating. Our silicon is produced with both a well-defined bottom cut and top cut to give maximum yield in the plasma spraying process.

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Silicon for silicones

Silicon qualities for production of silicones typically contain >99% Silicon, and have controlled and tailored amounts of other elements. Our plants have long experience in delivering to this market where stability and precision are essential.

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