About Elkem Carbon

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Elkem Carbon is a world leading supplier of carbon electrode materials, lining materials and specialty carbon products to metallurgical processes for the production of ferro-alloys, base metals and primary aluminium. Our facilities are located near all major markets.

Elkem Carbon serves the metallurgical smelting and primary aluminium industries from its operations in Norway, South Africa, Brazil, China and Malaysia, complemented by a global sales network.


For more than 90 years, Elkem Carbon has been supplying Søderberg electrode paste to submerged arc furnaces, mainly, for the production of silicon, ferrosilicon, ferrochromium, ferronickel, ferromanganese, silicomanganese, calcium carbide, copper and platinum matte.

ELTAPTM  furnace lining pastes and taphole repair pastes produced by Elkem Carbon shorten the repair or relining time, which reduces production losses. The materials have also proved to extend the lifetime of furnaces.

Elkem Carbon produces high quality carbon additives - ELGRAPH® recarburisers - to the steel and casting industry and we are the preferred supplier for leading companies in these industries.

ELSEAL® is Elkem Carbon’s cathode ramming paste product range for the production of primary aluminium. Our concept has a proven performance for more than 25 years. Elkem Carbon also supplies high-density cathode blocks with special raw materials prepared with proprietary technology. Our products contribute to extended pot life and stable operation.

The carbon electrodes used in the production of silicon are manufactured with a unique technology for baking of the electrodes. Elkem Carbon offers a range of electrode sizes.

The flexible production setup of our plant in Brazil allows the company to meet the market needs quickly and deliver tailor-made coal tar pitches and oils.