Cathode blocks

Elkem Carbon graphitised cathode blocks provide the basis for a long pot life and stable operation. The high density and wear resistant block is produced with carefully selected raw materials prepared with Elkem Carbon’s proprietary technology.

Customer value

Our high density graphitised cathode blocks are products of consistent and high quality – providing the basis for long pot life and stable operation.

  • Abrasion and wear resistant carbon structure. Low open porosity and low permeability – reduced wear and longer pot life
  • High thermal shock resistance – less risk of cracking during collector bar casting
  • Optimal coefficient of thermal expansion – reduced risk of metal infiltration in the rammed seam
  • Low electrical resistivity – saves energy


Cathode blocks are critical materials for production of primary aluminium. The blocks must withstand the combined effects of high temperatures and a tough electrochemical environment. Early pot failures due to crack formation or shortened pot life due to extensive cathode wear may seriously impact smelter economics.