2. trainee period – Elkem Bjølvefossen

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The last 8 months I have worked at Elkem Bjølvefossen. Bjølvefossen is located in the small town Ålvik, just at the edge of the Hardanger fjord. Bjølvefossen is specialized in making a variety of customized grades of ferrosilicon (FeSi) and magnesium-ferrosilicon (FSM).

My main work at Bjølvefossen has been at the FSM department, where I have worked on developing and implementing a new process control system for the gases we use for stirring and refining. In this work I have used a lot of thermodynamics, general chemistry and a lot of projectwork/teamwork, working together with the operators (users of the system) and the process leaders.

The town Ålvik has approximately 650 inhabitants of which 100 works at Elkem Bjølvefossen. My main activities here has been sports and hiking in the mountains. Just behind Ålvik one can hike to 1000 moh and get a view of both directions of the Hardanger fjord.

"Hiking with my father when he visited."

My house was located about 30 m from the fjord with a clear view to the plant. With the nice weather we had this summer I spent quite a few hours on my platting by the fjord where I also had the opportunity to see the (cleansed) steam from the casting belt at the FSM department every 1 hour or so, as new 7 tons of FSM were being casted and cooled before it was handed over to the crushing, sieving and packing department. 

"The view from my house on a cloudy day."

"The view from the window of my livingroom toward the plant"
"The view from the window of my livingroom towards the plant."

The people I have met here have been very nice to me, inviting me to join in parties during the weekends and made me feel like a part of the community and helped me get to know a lot of new people. At work I have met a lot of different people, from which I have learned a lot. Beneath is a picture with some of the operators taken during our christmas party.

"Some of the operators and me posing at our christmas party."

– Ellen