After a hard day of work

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The time spent at work being a trainee is usually limited to about 40 hours a week, leaving 128 hours more you have to fill with non-work-related activities. In order to enjoy the life as a trainee, it is therefore advantageous to be able to fill these remaining hours with some fun. This post will therefore not give a deep insight into the knowledge I have acquired during my current trainee period in the production team at Elkem Salten, but give a view of all the possibilities for fun you can have after your daily work at Elkem Salten is finished.

Photo description: View from Straumklumpen, with Elkem Salten visible in the lower part of the picture.

This blog was written by second year trainee Espen Tunhøvd Haugan.

The plant is as its name indicates, located in the Inner Salten region, where the majority of the people working here are living in the village Straumen or the city Fauske, with respectively about 1000 and 6000 inhabitants. The relatively low amount of inhabitants, at least on a European scale, makes the availability of what is typically regarded as “high-culture” low. However, what you have to give up on when it comes to these sort of activites, you gain multiple times when it comes to outdoor adventures and scenery, compared to a larger city.

With mountains rising from the fjords and ocean, it is always possible to ascend a new top to experience some new scenery. As the region is located north of the Arctic circle, the sun does not set for several weeks during the summer, making the view even more majestic. The possibilities for hiking are therefore vast, and a possibility I have often taken advantage of. In addition to this, the local fjords and waters are bursting with fish, making it a perfect place for people who enjoy fishing, such as myself. I could had written much more about myself hiking and fishing in my spare time, but in order to not make this blog post too long, I rather attach some pictures to illustrate them.

When not in the wild, I have also joined some of the local sport teams irregularly to perform some pistol shooting, play volleyball and football. In the latter, I have joined Elkem Salten’s own football team, to defend our honor playing/fighting other companies in the league for local businesses. Although ending the season with more losses than wins, we were able to beat the champion of 2015 twice, making the season an unconditional success.


These words, together with the accompanying pictures have hopefully given you a short insight in how your everyday life can be after finishing your daily work at Elkem Salten. In addition, for those of you worrying about it, the region of course also offers the opportunity to have some beers at a local bar, hang out/pumping iron at the local gym, and provides a sufficient internet connection for you to stream both Netflix and the English Premier League simultaneously.