Expanding the Elkem family


In order to welcome our four newly hired technical trainees to the Elkem family, we gathered for a whole week early in August at the most rainy and windy place in Norway, namely Kalvåg on the island Frøya in Bremanger.

The welcoming committee for our new trainees Andrea, Marthe, Sofie and Bård consisted of trainee coordinator Rolf, HR Manager Christina, and of course Marie, Espen and Heidi, who have officially been promoted to second year trainees (yeeey!).

We all met at Florø airport and had a bumpy boat ride to Kalvåg making it evident that not all were born and raised in a coastal area. After reaching our destination, the day started with some icebreaker games like construction of paper planes, where some chose to use an extended definition of an airplane, and sitting indoor balloon volleyball. In order to get to know each other even better we also had prepared creative presentations of ourselves, revealing interesting and unknown aspects. With the planned program of the day coming to an end, and a storm approaching, the next activity was naturally to challenge the power of nature by having a stroll in the local neighborhood.

Overview of beautiful Kalvåg.

Marie and Bård are excited about testing their paper plane constructions.

The second day gave the opportunity for the new trainees to embrace a lot of new information about Elkem, as they were introduced to Elkem’s values, business system, and EHS related work. In addition, Marie, Heidi, and Espen shared their experience from their first year as trainees and some advice for the everyday life as a trainee.

Christina giving the new trainees an introduction to Elkem Buisness Systems (EBS).

Heidi and Espen made sure to always have matching outfits during the stay.

While the first two days were mostly spent in the conference room at Kalvåg, on Wednesday, it was time to leave these comfortable surroundings to visit the Elkem Bremanger plant. For some of the new trainees this was the first time visiting an Elkem plant, but for all of us, it was a visit of great interest, where we got good insight in the unique aspects of the plant, including the Silgrain® process and the combination of having both a Foundry and Silicon plant at the same location. With a lot of impressions from the visit, it was time to head back to Kalvåg in the afternoon. As a surprise from Rolf, the transportation was by sea in a rib adventure across the rainy and rough sea separating Kalvåg from the main land.

Striking a pose in front of Elkem Bremanger.

Nervous and ready for some action at sea.

Thursday put our fishing skills to the test in an old fishing vessel from the 70’s. Andrea won the fishing contest with 4 fish, while Sofie caught the biggest cod. After a quick lunch back in Kalvåg we were lucky to get a guided tour around the old fishing village with the owner of the hotel. The last part of the onboarding program was held on Friday before heading back to our respective locations.

Marthe and Sofie ensuring today's dinner.

Thanks to Rolf for arranging this week in Kalvåg, and we wish the new trainees all the best!

Greetings from the second year trainees Heidi, Espen and Marie