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We are now in the final month of the year and for the second year trainees, this means that our second period is inevitably also coming to an end. The hardest part of being a trainee is to say goodbye to great collegues and work environment! But on the other hand, a new and exciting next chapter is waiting!

Photo describtion: Solar Cells

This blog post was written by second year trainee Heidi Sæverud Hauge

During my studies in Trondheim I was drawn into the sunny world of solar cells. Photovoltaics are an intriguing technological field in continuous progress across multiple disciplines. I quickly became familiar with Elkem Solar as a pioneer in the solar world, with a unique process through a metallurgical refining route. During the past 7 months I have been working with slag treatment of silicon, where we mix slag and silicon to reduce the impurity content. In other words, the perfect match for a chemist that is also a geeky-solar-cell-enthusiast! The final product, Elkem Solar Silicon® (ESS ®), is then used as a feedstock material in ingot processing.

Besides the technical part, there is also an important aspect of contribution to the climate issues. As the environmental consequences are becoming more evident, a change in the energy sector is necessary! Solar cells will need to play an important role facing these challenges. Solar cells are increasingly becoming more efficient and cheaper to produce, which makes them frequently a more attractive option. More people are now installing PV modules at home and officially becoming power producers! Elkem’s process is unique in this manner as the production of ESS ® only demand 25% of the energy compared to production by other processing techniques, i.e. Siemens process. In addition, Norway is blessed with access to clean renewable energy.

During my stay at Solar, the block production of solar grade silicon was opened at Herøya!

Check out the film “Vi er Elkem Solar”:


I will wrap up this blog- post now by wishing you a merry December with a picture of gingerbread decorations as a result of inherent effort from four generations of trainees. It is now officially December and finally socially acceptable to play Christmas music.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Sofie, Marie, Ellen and Marit decorating gingerbread.

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