Last course as trainee

During the two years as a trainee in Elkem there are some mandatory courses we have to take; Elkem University, EBS University, Fokus (EHS) basic course, Project Management Essentials and Silicon summerschool. Additionally we get to take one course of our own choosing. Since I currently work on R&D and product development in the Elkem Foundry division (the division that makes products for the foundry industry).

I decided that I wanted to use my voluntary course to learn more about cast iron. The course was held in Jönköping in Sweden and just after the champagne breakfast at the 17th of May one swedish, two frenchmen and I got on our way to learn more about Metallurgy, solidification and modeling of cast iron castings.

- Happy 17th of May -

The participants in the course were both from the industry and the academia. During the week we participated in lectures held by some of the leading scientists within the area of cast iron. We also got to visit the Volvo trucks foundry in Skövde. This foundry was built in 2010 and thus had a high degree of automation and was a very interesting place to visit.

Eager participants in thursdays lectures
- Eager participants in thursdays lectures -.

In the evenings we met up for dinner and one of the nights I was invited to a PhD-evening (apparently not only for PhD-students) where I got to know some of the other course participants better and also got an insight into the life as a student in Jönköping.