The last supper


All three second year trainees, two of the first year trainees, one soon to be Elkem technical trainee, and the trainee coordinator, were gathered in a nice restaurant in Kristiansand. The occasion was to celebrate the ending of an Elkem adventure for the second year trainees before the beginning of three new work adventures.

Photo description: Trainee coordinator Rolf in the middle together with Benedicte (left), Raghed (standing), and Lise (right).

This blog post was written by Lise Helmine Haugesten, Raghed Saadieh and Benedicte Eikeland Nilssen. All 2nd year trainees who are now finished with their technical trainee program in Elkem.

Fall 2016 is here. It is now a couple of years since all three second year trainees started their work in Elkem. A real adventure is coming to an end. It is a little strange thinking back at the time before we started. So much have happened, been explored, learned, experienced, of people, colleagues, cultures, working methods, technologies, processes, technical fields, and not at least about ourselves – and all happened in just two years! All the three of us are so grateful for the opportunity to take part in this program. To celebrate what we have achieved, our trainee coordinator Rolf Sørbø invited all of us second year trainees to a restaurant in Kristiansand for a last dinner, together with the great company of two second year trainees and one soon to become a trainee. As you can see, there were only happy faces present! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Because when one working adventure is ending, there is another one starting. For Lise, Raghed and Benedicte, they have now started in permanent positions in both Elkem and Elkem Solar. Lise will return to production in Elkem Solar, while Raghed and Benedicte will both start to work in Elkem Technology doing one industrial Ph.D. each, studying two different but equal relevant topics for further improvement of Elkem processes and products. The diplomas we got during the dinner will get the best spot on the wall in our new offices.

A nice dinner and a pretty bouquet of people. Raghed (left, second year trainee), Rolf (trainee coordinator), Lise (second year trainee), Heidi (first year trainee), Benedicte (second year trainee), Marie (first year trainee), and Andrea (soon to be trainee).

With the view of the sea, we enjoyed nicely accompanied courses with delicacies from the ocean.

This dinner was not the last time we will see each other, and kind of explain why there were no sad faces present. However, for you reading this blog, it is the last time we show our faces here. Do not be sad, in some years we might suddenly be joining the same meeting, do some small talking in the corridor or by the printer. Cause you know what, there is another opportunity to start a similar adventure in Elkem. You just have to apply the technical trainee program late October/early November this year (link here →!


Hugs (one hairy one, and two less hairy) from all of us. Take care!