Three trainee generations unleashed in Oslo


In the last weekend of February, it was once again time for the technical trainees to gather. The location was the city of Oslo, and the focus was mainly on social activities. In addition, we also had the pleasure of having former trainees Ellen Døli and Liv Carlhamn Rasmussen joining us.

However, before unleashed in the Norwegian capital, some Elkem related points were on the agenda. We arrived at Elkem HQ with our trainee coordinator, Rolf, waiting for us. Upon arrival, the lunch was already served, and a meet and greet with Håvard Moe, SVP Elkem Technology, was initiated. Håvard held an exciting presentation on Elkem Technology including important technological focus areas in the near future for instance Industry 4.0 and circular economy. Some of these focus areas are well described on our homepage, such as carbon-neutral metal production (, and Si2020 ( After the presentation, we were given a guided tour at HQ and got the chance to greet some of our new colleagues.

The next major point on our schedule was the famous ballet featuring Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoj. We were all impressed by the performance on stage, and enjoyed both the ballet, the accompanying music, and the atmosphere itself. However, for some of us, it had been a long day with a lot of travel, and the music therefore at time became too relaxing, to put it in a nice way.

Figure 1: Anna Karenina

A true Saturday worthy, the following day started with a long breakfast with bacon, eggs and newly brewed coffee, before we headed off to the first activity of the day, Escape Room. As the name reveals the participants are locked together in a room and the task is to solve a series of riddles and finally find the key to unlock the door. As neither of us had tried the concept previously, we were excited to put our grey cells to the test! We divided into two groups for a friendly contest. After 60 min, despite inherent effort from both team, neither managed to escape. Although some were closer than others, as one group were only an estimated 15 sec from solving the last riddle.

Figure 2: Heidi scoring a point for her team!

We then headed out into the beautiful sunny streets of Oslo, and after some ice cream and Belgian waffles at Aker Brygge we decided to play some shuffleboard at a local pub. A game where precision and continuous improvement was a key factor! After two fun hours and a lot of “Oh, so close!” statements, we headed back to the apartment to get ready for dinner.

Saturday night was set for a gastronomic experience from Raghed’s home country - Lebanon. Prior to the weekend, we booked a table at KOS KOS which was participating in a huge restaurant festival taking place in Oslo. Delicious Lebanese food (with couscous of course) was accompanied by loud songbirds at our neighbor table. KOS KOS also made sure to give us a cultural insight - belly dancing between the tables and the restaurant’s own waiter-DJ playing Lebanese folk music.

 After being influenced by singing and dancing in the restaurant, it was time to get back to the apartment to throw a classic Eurovision Song Contest party! We decorated the apartment with balloons and candles and we were entertained by one classic performance after another with ESC-modulation and pyro effects. Espen impressed us all with his legendary Waka Waka dance moves, and Benedicte with her line dance.

Figure 3: Marie enjoying a coffee in the sun.

After a late Sunday breakfast, the memorable and enjoyable trainee weekend had sadly come to an end. Benedicte travelled back to Lyon, Raghed to Reykjavik, Liv, Ellen, Lise and Espen to Kristiansand, Heidi to Orkanger and Marie to Fauske. Thanks to our trainee coordinator Rolf Sørbø for making the weekend possible and to Håvard Moe in Elkem Technology for the exciting presentation we got at the headquarters.

Thank you all for a great weekend!

-1st year trainees Heidi, Espen and Marie