Weekend ski trip

Ski day
Being a Trainee in Elkem is not only a great challenge and an opportunity for developing yourself as an engineer and scientist. There are also other skills that need stimulation, therefore we each winter pack our bags and skis and go to the company cabin in Hafjell ski resort. 

This is a weekend filled with snow, sauna, socialising and fun. You get to see the real personality of your coworkers when they are face-down in a bush with skis or snowboards pointing for the skies!

Benedicte and Raghed show us just how happy they are (photo: Håvard)

This year we were very fortunate with the weather, as the sun was shining on us all day long. On Sunday morning we even got a light snowfall! Lise enjoyed most of day in the cabin as she does not care too much about skiing. Raghed had never tried snowboarding before, but he rented a board anyway and faced the perils. A few tries on the ski lifts did however break his spirits, and he took an early (and long lasting) lunch. The rest of us skied until the lifts closed for the day, and we all met up for afterski.

Quote Øystein: “Det kan itj værr æ som twerke!” (I can’t be the one who twerks!)

A happy bunch at dinner (from the left: Raghed, Liv, Håvard, Bendicte, Lise and Øystein) (photo: Ellen)

After the afterski closed, some of us got back into our skiing gear and headed back down to the cabin. The rest took a taxi, which they shared with the famous “Paradise Petter”! What an adventure to tell your grandkids one day! When we got to the cabin we ate dinner, and cooled off with a few beers. We did not however keep it going throughout the night, we went to bed around midnight. We had to be fit for skiing Sunday!

Sunday morning came, and so did the snow. Raghed, Benedicte and Liv took a day off to heal their bruises from the day before, but me, Øystein and Ellen hit the slopes. We had quite a few good runs, and got acquainted with muscles that are obviously not used to this sort of activity. We also had a tasty at lunch at “Gaiastova”, before we headed back down the mountain to prepare for another week at work.

Thank you all for a great week of skiing, and I am looking forward to meeting the new trainees here next year!

Håvard Husby (2nd Year Trainee, Oslo HQ)