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Division Supply Chain System Key-user

Job Description:主要职责描述

As the division supply chain system key-user, you will work for your functional area to

Have strong data, and a homogeneous way of using them within the division in order to have a strong foundation and take the best performance from digitalization,

You will be responsible for standardizing and defining best practices in your scope of area of the end-to-end process including processes, master data management, data quality monitoring, issue identification, remediation, and communication. In partnership with Key-users network (local and regional Key-users from your department and from others department), business areas, IT and master data, you will work to define and publish quality metrics and drive clear ownership and accountability around processes & data management using digital tools mainly SAP.

Most important areas of responsibility:

  • Processes and Best practices
    • Improve and implement standard processes and best practices worldwide
    • Define analysis tools and procedure to follow-up on best practices
    • Control those best practices are followed by users
    • Ensure that processes are documented and known by users (following quality documentation procedure)
    • Owner for implementing new processes or defining modifications
    • Define KPIs, prepare the business to follow new needs of the enterprise including master data management
    • Ensure master data processes are following within their perimeter


  • Advocate for, and demonstrate the value of, data management initiatives in their area
  • Develop and own data management vision and strategy
    • Data as an asset
    • Data quality guidelines and best practices
    • Data ownership guidelines
    • Define, monitor and report data management status


  • Align and structure initiatives coming from plants


  • Operational expert and direct contact to IT team and Global master data team
    • Responsible in their field of expertise
    • Responsible for integration points in their field of expertise
    • Key point of contact for IT for arbitration/validation & decision
    • Manage the list of User Requests (Define, prioritize, and close) to ensure efficient management and alert in case of risk.
    • Being a strong relay of IT for solution definition, implementation and roll-out


  • Formalize the requests for system modifications based on business changes
  • Is responsible for testing and necessary validation of system modifications


  • Train within process & data management
    • Implement and train Regional, local KU and end users
    • Define the training needs, the training plan and the training organization
      • Train the end users
      • Train newcomers



  • Ensure strong coordination between region and plants in order to build synergies in the organization in order not to reinvent what already exist elsewhere
  • Ensure strong coordination for his/her field with Global master data team
  • Define common reporting and Dashboard in their area through harmonized data and business rules
  • Support data and analytics initiatives


  • Manage data access for his/her field
    • Define rules for data access management and ensure with IT that the right access is given to users aligned
    • Define authorization rules
    • Manage authorization for end-users (roles and access rights)



Job Requirement:入职资格要求

  • Bachelor's degree,
  • Passion for transforming data to business value and solid understanding of what is required to deliver this
  • Experience with master data, data management and data quality processes and practices in complex organizations
  • Experience with working with cross-functional teams across different geographies
  • Proven ability to quickly earn the trust of peers and key stakeholders
  • High attention to detail


We are looking for a dedicated and accomplished person who is eager to learn and able to identify and understand problems in new business domains. You have exceptional communication and collaboration skills, which allow you to understand business partner needs and deliver solutions. You have a proven ability to coach, mentor, and collaborate with people on all levels of the organization.

  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Job type:
  • Working hours:
  • Working days:
  • Application deadline: 30.03.2023
  • Location: Flexible, all ESD entity location is acceptable