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Solutions for electronics & solar

Silicon for batteries

To support the upcoming market of silicon-based batteries, Elkem has utilised its vast experience in producing specialised silicon to develop tailored materials for final use as anodes of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These are collected in our portfolio of Silgrain® e-Si products.

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Silicon for plasma spraying

Elkem has been producing industrial volumes of high purity silicon for plasma spraying processes since 2007. Plasma spraying are used both for production of sputtering targets and direct surface coating. Our silicon is produced with both a well-defined bottom cut and top cut to give maximum yield in the plasma spraying process.

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Silicon for polysilicon

Elkem has since the early 1970's delivered Silgrain®, a unique grade of metallurgical silicon, to the electronics industry. Our Silgrain® provides benefits to producers of trichlorosilane for production of polysilicon used in the electronic and solar industry.
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