AADE 2019 Denver

Elkem Silicon Materials was present at the recent 2019 American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) National Technical Conference and Exhibition in Denver, Colorado.

Our senior research scientist, Dr. Mohamed Al-Bagoury, presented a well-received paper entitled “Micronized Weighting Agents for Ultra-High-Density Oil Well Cementing” at the technical conference and exhibition.

The AADE was a highly visited event, with about 740 participants from around the world.

The co-authored paper highlighted the advantages of Elkem micronized weighting agents for designing ultra-high-density cement slurry. Building on the success of the use of product Micromax globally, Elkem introduced its product, Microdense, as a cost-efficient solution for cement applications. Microdense provides operators with a predictable high-quality, assuring successful cementing operations, eliminating several drawbacks encountered with the conventional weighting agent used today.

Thanks go to the co-authors, the involved lab personnel and marketing team for their great contributions to this successful venture in snowy, mile-high Denver!