Elkem at IREFCON 2022

India, November 10th: Elkem is a silver sponsor for IREFCON and is looking forward to seeing you in Kolkata on November 16-18, 2022. Come by our booth to discuss refractories with our team and learn more about Elkem's product range and the technologies we use to support our customers.

IREFCON 2022 is a chance to broaden your network and knowledge in the refractories sector. Both refractory makers and consumers are coping with a competitive environment, marked by frequent and unforeseen shifts as a result of the pandemic's severe disruption and the current political climate. This edition of IREFCON 2022 will be dedicated to the future of the refractories industry and its opportunities in today's world.

Technical presentations

Our team will present important refractories topics and demonstrate some of our products’ benefits. Three topics will be presented by the Elkem team, namely ‘Achieving extended Self-Flow in a Low Cement Castable BY using SioxX™-Flow’, ‘Optimised dry-out of no-cement castables’; and ‘no-cement refractory castables – New horizon’ – a joint case study by Elkem ASA and IFGL Refractories, India.

Elkem products

Elkem produces a variety of silicon powder for the ceramics sector and is always striving to satisfy the demands of our ceramic clients. Customers can select from a range of sizes and purities to satisfy their unique needs. 

Our product range also comprises specialities and complementary products that will further advance the refractories technology and create value for our customers. 

Elkem has extensive expertise of the application of microsilica. Microsilica can be used to improve refractory products; the sub-micron particles help with effective particle packing and make self-flowing castables possible with little water addition, among other benefits.

Elkem is looking forward to seeing you at IREFCON 2022. Our team will be available to talk about refractories and answer any questions you may have. 

For more information about this event, please visit the event page: Welcome to IREFCON 2022 14th India International Refractories Congress