Elkem features new cast-iron inoculants at foundry conference

Oslo, Norway; April 23, 2022 – New specialty inoculants for cast iron are being featured by Elkem Silicon Products this week during the 2022 AFS CastExpo and Metalcasting Congress in the United States. This technical conference and exposition is taking place in Columbus, Ohio between April 23 and 26, 2022 and is being sponsored by the American Foundry Society (AFS) of Schaumburg, Illinois.

Elkem diversifies its alloy selection

The new alloys allow Elkem to offer additional specialized inoculants to the metalcasting industry so that foundries can select the inoculant that best meets their individual production and casting needs. Foundries routinely add inoculants to molten cast iron to control the solidification process and reduce “chill” and hard iron carbides in the finished casting. Reducing carbides improves machinability, increases casting properties, and avoids possible heat treating and other production costs.

Elcast® inoculant

Elkem’s newest alloy is called Elcast® inoculant, an alloy that is available in weights ranging from 2 kg to 30 kg. It is specifically designed for additions to large molds or pouring basins during the production of either grey or ductile iron. Since Elcast® inoculant is added to molten iron just before casting iron in the mold, foundries can minimize inoculation fade, allowing them to optimize the benefits of inoculation and possibly reduce the inoculating addition. 

Visit us at CastExpo 2022

CastExpo 2022 registrants can meet with Elkem’s complete North American technical team, including engineers from Elkem’s research-and-development center in Norway and Elkem’s production plant in Canada, “Together, we can discuss ways that Elkem’s specialty products can improve their individual foundry operations and castings,” said Mr. Carrascosa. “At the same time, it is an opportunity to assure customers that Elkem is ready to supply their needs for these products from Elkem’s plants worldwide during these difficult economic times.” 

As part of Elkem’s commitment to sharing technical information with foundries, Elkem will be presenting a technical paper on cast-iron slags at the 2022 AFS Exposition and Congress entitled, “Thermochemical Evaluation of Cast Iron Slags Generated from a Holding Furnace.”  Authored by Elkem’s Cathrine Hartung, Leander Michels, Robert Logan, and Matthew Liptak, this paper describes how foundries can identify slag characteristics that cause production problems and casting defects. Foundries having slags with these characteristics can take steps to reduce or eliminate those slags from their production processes.