Elkem Foundry Products takes casting iron to the next level at GIFA 2019

Dusseldorf, 12 June 2019: From 25 until 29 June Elkem Foundry Products will be present at GIFA, the world’s leading trade fair for casting technology, in Dusseldorf, Germany. There, Elkem will highlight its all-round competence to improve the metallurgical iron foundry process.

GIFA is the international exhibition for foundry, foundry products and foundry technology and one of the world's largest and most comprehensive fairs of this kind. The focus of GIFA is on foundry equipment, raw materials and supplies, die-casting technology, foundry chemicals, suppliers and processing technology. This exhibition provides an excellent stage for Elkem Foundry Products to highlight its capabilities and most current innovations.

Elkem Foundry Products has evolved to being an all-round solution provider for the metallurgy of iron foundries, supporting its customers globally with highly specialised alloys and excellent advice, which results in premium castings. Elkem innovates constantly and supports its customers with new, digital and automated solutions for analysis and alloy dosing.

One of these solutions is the new Dynamic Dosing System, which enables foundries to precisely and automatically calculate, dose and position the treatment alloys into a dedicated pocket in the treatment ladle, for high quality ductile iron production.

This customised equipment calculates the alloy addition rates based on the chemical analysis of the iron and other important parameters before and after each treatment. This self-learning equipment stabilises and documents the treatment process, reduces cycle time, improves the iron quality and avoids human error.

Another example of Elkem’s improvements is Elkem’s EPIC®, an important process control tool based on thermal analysis of cast irons. The EPIC® system provides real-time information on the condition of cast iron that can be used at any point in the liquid state production process. EPIC® enables the foundry to acquire, record and evaluate a considerable amount of relevant data, which helps to improve the castings.


Increased efficiency in alloy treatment not only results in increased process stability for Elkem’s customers, but it also leads to less consumption and emissions, supporting Elkem’s focus on sustainability.

GIFA 2019

Elkem invites visitors at GIFA to its stand C50 in hall 13, where Elkem’s sales team and technical staff are available for discussions.

For more information about this event please visit http://www.gifa.com/

About Elkem

Founded in 1904, Elkem is one of the world’s leading suppliers of silicon-based advanced materials with operations throughout the entire value chain from quartz to specialty silicones, as well as attractive market positions in specialty ferrosilicon alloys and Carbon materials. Headquartered in Oslo, the company’s 27 production sites and extensive network of sales offices and agents around the world ensure proximity to customers and access to attractive end markets. Elkem’s over 6000 skilled employees and significant R&D activities provide a solid basis for further technology-driven growth.

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