Elkem Oilfield delivers a comprehensive package of cementing additives to design special and cost-effective cement slurry systems, and to ensure safe and reliable cement placement across the wellbore for long-term zonal isolation.

Our product portfolio includes a variety of gas-tight solutions, spacer additives for effective removal of drilling fluids, cement retarders for desired thickening times, extenders, and dispersants for optimal rheological properties.

Our fluid loss additives are fit-for-purpose and our special systems and products are tailored for demanding oil and gas wells. Cementing basically means the placement of a material that sets to form a solid mass which has supporting or isolating properties. Sounds easy? A poor cementation can significantly impact on safety, environment, well performance and ROI. A poor cement job can result in very high remedial costs. 

Cementing is carried out to provide support for casing / liner strings in order to prevent movement, to resist deformation of the surrounding formation which may impact upon tubulars and cause their collapse, to provide a pressure-tight seal between different zones, to isolate tubulars from corrosive gases and liquids, as kick-off plugs, as lost circulation material and in well abandonment.

The Elkem Oilfield portfolio covers all aspects of oil-well cementing. Our products enable operators to carry out oil-well cementing operations in a cost-efficient and safe manner.