Drilling Fluids

Elkem was the first company to introduce micronized weight material to the oil and gas industry. 

Elkem Oilfield has several specialized weighting agents for the industry. MICROMAX™ and MICRODENSE™ products are both unique, compatible in water- based and oil- / synthetic-based drilling fluid systems. MAXFORM™ product is a slurry of Potassium Formate and MICROMAX™, ensuring easy mixing on-site with customer- specific products.

In 1989 Elkem was granted the patent for the use of manganese tetroxide (Mn3O4), sold under the tradename MICROMAX™, as a microfine weight material for drilling and oil-well cementing fluids. MICROMAX™ product has been used worldwide to drill and complete challenging wells.

Our micronized weighting agents are acid-soluble, allowing for drilling and completion of the reservoir sections by using the same fluid in both operations.

They provide very low rheological properties for enhanced wellbore hydraulics, low sag potential and exhibit a green environmental classification.

The hardness of MICROMAX™ and MICRODENSE™ drilling fluid systems enables higher reuse of the fluids, thereby reducing overall cost for the customers.