Steel Industries

Elkem manufactures a wide range of silicon alloys, with tailor-made properties according to application to maximize value creation and improve processes for its customers. Our main markets are worldwide producers of electrical steel, special steel and stainless steel.

Silicon (Si) is an important alloying element in steel: it increases strength, wear resistance, elasticity and scale resistance and it lowers electrical conductivity and magnetostriction.
Silicon is also used in steelmaking as deoxidiser, slag reduction agent and as fuel. Choosing the right Ferrosilicon (FeSi) grade can improve your steelmaking process and steel quality. 

Our technical support staff has extensive experience of all types of production methods, steel and iron grades, moulding media and component types. We can offer the best advice possible to help you to eliminate defects and optimise your metal treatment processes, working as part of your team.

Learn more about our ferrosilicon solutions for improved steel making in our brochure.