ELEKSIL™ : silicon alloys for electrical steel

Silicon is the main alloying element in the manufacture of electrical steel. Our ELEKSIL™ portfolio of innovative Si alloys is especially designed to improve processes of our customers producing electrical steel.

Electrical steel is used to produce magnetic cores for motors, generators and transformers. The demand for such steel is increasing in all regions, driven by power generation growth, increasing electrification and strong focus on reducing CO2 emissions. These trends are giving new opportunities to electrical steel producers, as developing better ferrosilicon grades is a mean to increase electric machines’ efficiency. New electrical steel ferrosilicon grades are also essential for motors used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Electrical steels are alloyed with up to about 3.5% silicon. ELEKSIL™ silicon alloys are key raw materials to bring silicon units to the steel melt, while ensuring improved processes.

Each electrical steel producer is unique, with specific processes and product porfolios. This is why our ELEKSIL™ range contains several ferrosilicon solutions tailor-made for each of our customers. Together, we will find the best solution for your needs while maximizing value creation.


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