Special silicon ferroalloys for steel

Whether you are looking for a special silicon based ferroalloy to support and solve challenges in your production or for the development of new and better steel grades, Elkem is your partner.

We have an extensive portfolio of special silicon ferroalloys and always welcome new requests. In addition, we support our customers and share our expertise in optimizing the use of our ferrosilicon products. In close technical cooperation with our customers, we develop new silicon based ferroalloys to help them improve their processes.

Elkem has supplied special silicon ferroalloy to the steel industry for many decades. Today we mainly supply special silicon ferroalloys grades with low levels of titanium, aluminium, carbon and with critical trace elements, according to the most stringent requirements. These special silicon alloys are used in the production of special steel qualities, such as electrical steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, spring steel, and tire cord steel.

The right alloy for every special steel recipe

When you are in the business of producing special steels the right choice of Ferrosilicon for deoxidation or alloying is of prime importance. For such steel grades, cleanliness is crucial: Any Al inclusions and / or Ti inclusions must be avoided. Elkem works with you to find the right special ferrosilicon that fits your needs.

Importance of silicon in steelmaking

Silicon based ferroalloy (FeSi) is an alloy of silicon and iron and is an important additive in the manufacture of steel products. Silicon in the form of ferrosilicon is used to remove oxygen from the steel and as an alloying element to improve the final quality of the steel. Silicon increases strength and wear resistance, elasticity (spring steels), scale resistance (heat resistant steels) and lowers electrical conductivity and magnetostriction (electrical steels).


Find our latest safety information here

Elkem offers various safety documentation, for hazardous (Safety Data Sheets) and non-hazardous (Product Safety Information) materials.