Elkem are traditional casting experts since 1904.

Over its 110-year history of innovation and continuous growth, Elkem has contributed to many pioneering advances within the metallurgical industries that have led to advancement and progress for you as our client, our stakeholders and society at large.

At our centennial in 2004, we commissioned Professor Knut Sogner to write the history of Elkem, resulting in the comprehensive and intriguing book «Skaperkraft» (Creative Power). The book describes a century of initiative determination and success, as well as disappointment and even despair. In summary, this is the  story of a company with staying power and long-term commitment to technological development.

Elkem Foundry Products is an integral part of this great history and has developed from small beginnings to its current position as world leader in foundry technology. Through a combination of innovation, ingenuity and a determination to stay at the forefront of technological development, our success and that of our customers continues its positive development.

1904 – the first idea meant the beginning of Elkem

Elkem was founded by Sam Eyde, brothers Magnus and Knut Wallenberg and Knut Tillberg, with the aim of creating a new, internationally-oriented industry based on Norway's natural resources, Norwegian hydropower and know-how.

1918 – Elkem patented the Söderberg electrode

Elkem patented the Söderberg electrode, which changed the market and is still in use in about 75% of the world's smelting plants.

1932 – the breakthrough of aluminium meant a big step for Elkem

Elkem promoted the Söderberg system in aluminium and the growth of the European aluminium industry. From the mid-1930s the industry was very much based on this technological platform.

1972 – Elkem merged with Christiana Spikerverk

Elkem merged with the similarly sized Christiania Spigerverk, an iron and steel works with a ferrosilicon plant.


Following the acquisition by Orkla in 2005, Elkem sold off the aluminium and power businesses. Since being acquired by China National Bluestar in 2011, Elkem has returned its main focus to the business areas that started with the invention of the Söderberg electrode in 1917.


With the sustainable and innovative production of silicon for solar energy, silicon-based alloys and carbon products, Elkem is looking to strengthen our position in key markets as well as to expand in new parts of the world. As Elkem turns another decade, there are great opportunities ahead, particularly with silicon being a key element in renewable energy solutions.


2018 – Publically listed on the Oslo stock exchange

Elkem has production plants and sales offices in more than 40 locations worldwide and became publically listed on the Oslo stock exchange in March 2018.

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