The profile of Elkem

Elkem Foundry Products is the leading producer of ferrosilicon-based alloys and high purity ferrosilicon for the steel and foundry industry. We have long-term sustainable production plants, superior technical customer support, process know-how and our own R&D facilities so we can offer quantified customer benefits.

We are committed to supporting our customers’ success with reliable premium products and by sharing our experience in process improvement.

No 1 partner in technology

Our extensive Technical Customer Service team offers you on-site technical support, EPIC™ thermal analysis equipment, technical evaluation of customer's process, optimised MgFeSi and inoculant selection, variety of grades and sizes for specific requirement, defect cause analysis and solution recommendations.

Proven expertise

17 certificates consisting of both plant certificates and laboratory certificates underline the unique know-how and experience of our company.

6 specialities

Elkem Foundry Products offers customer-focused material in six business areas; inoculants, nodularisers, preconditioners, cover materials, speciality ferrosilicon grades and recarburisers.

3 Elkem owned laboratories

We have three laboratories that are used by R&D and our Technical Customer Service for sample work: Elkem Technology in Norway, Elkem China in Shanghai and Elkem India in Nagpur.

9 plants worldwide

Our global presence and local production on every industrial continent ensures that we can provide you with our products at any time - regardless of your location, the weather and industry.

>700 employees

Our more than 700 employees believe in respect, precision and continuous improvement. This characterises our company.

Read more about Elkem's top notch inhouse Research & Development department laboratories and what they can do for you.

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