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Whatever your foundry and steel alloy requirements, Elkem is your perfect partner. We are foundry people who understand steel and foundry processes and the challenges that you face. With Elkem as your supplier, it’s not just world-class products that you get, but also world-class technical support included as part of our service to you. Our commitment to R&D ensures that we stay at the forefront of foundry and steel technology and that you benefit from sharing our advanced understanding of metallurgical processes and products.

Iron Foundries

Elkem manufactures a wide range of inoculants, MgFeSi alloys and preconditioners for the production of cast irons. Alloys are available from our extensive portfolio to cover all foundry processes and iron specifications. Combined with our onsite technical advice, we help improve your castings.

Our brochure shows where in the iron casting process we can support you:

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Elkem inoculants are FeSi based alloys which are used to control the microstructure and mechanical properties of cast irons.

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When inserts are used as in the mould inoculants, there is practically no fading of the effect and only a very low addition rate is therefore required.

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Elkem nodulariser alloys are available in chemistries and sizes to suit all foundry applications - sandwich, tundish, flow-through, in-the-mould or other processes.

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Preconditioners & Cover materials

We developed Preseed® preconditioner to be added to the furnace during melting to stabilise the nuclei and retain oxide activity within the iron. Preconditioning will enhance the quality of the final iron and prevent “fade” during extended holding periods.

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Recarburisers are used in high-grade steel, grey and ductile iron castings to adjust the carbon content. As a late addition, recarburisers can also increase nucleation levels.

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Steel Industries

Elkem manufactures a wide range of silicon alloys, with tailor-made properties according to application to maximize value creation and improve processes for its customers. Our main markets are worldwide producers of electrical steel, special steel and stainless steel.

Learn more about our solutions for improved steel making in our brochure:

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ElekSil™ : silicon alloys for electrical steel

Silicon is the main alloying element in the manufacture of electrical steel. Our ElekSil™ portfolio of innovative Si alloys is especially designed to improve processes of our customers producing electrical steel. 

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Special silicon ferroalloys for steel

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BriqSil® is Elkem‘s high quality ferrosilicon briquette.

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About Elkem Foundry Products

We are the world’s leading producer of ferrosilicon-based alloys and high purity ferrosilicon for the steel and iron foundry industry. To keep you at the forefront of technology, Elkem Foundry Products Division constantly develops new products and applications based on our customers’ needs and supported by our extensive R&D facilities.

We believe that our technology, products, sustainable production plants and superior customer support offer you the best supplier partnership available.

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