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Elkem preconditioners for optimised base iron nucleation

Preconditioning of base iron will maximise the number of potential nucleation sites in the melt and reduce nucleation “fade” over time. This will enhance the performance of inoculants and nodularisers, increasing the proportion of type “A” graphite in grey iron and the nodule density in ductile iron. This can also result in a reduced requirement for high purity pig iron in the furnace charge and lower addition rates of inoculants.

The use of a specifically designed cover material during magnesium treatment ensures maximum magnesium recovery, optimised nucleation and effective slag control. Process stability is considerably improved, enabling reductions in the addition rate of nodularisers.

Preseed® preconditioner

Preseed® preconditioner generates and stabilises nuclei within the melt and is effective in grey, ductile and compacted graphite irons.

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Topseed® conditioner

Topseed® conditioner improves Mg recovery and makes a positive contribution to the nucleation levels in the iron.

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