Competitiveness and sustainability driving R&D

Sustainability and requirements for safe production processes involve solving technological challenges that require major research efforts. Elkem is heavily involved in new growth markets, such electrical vehicles and renewable energy.

New market characteristics change more rapidly than traditional markets. In order to utilise new opportunities Elkem needs to be ready with the technology when the demand arises.

Elkem uses its large network of world-leading research institutions to predict technological changes. Mutual collaboration with these institutions requires a very high level of expertise within Elkem.

New growth areas attracts new players. This means that Elkem, as an established industry player, continuously has to improve efficiency and cost. This will often involve demanding improvement work and major technological challenges.

The majority of Elkem's production takes place in high-cost countries, with high costs associated with both staffing and investments. Efficient technology is necessary for Elkem to remain competitive.

Industrial developments show that the requirements for expertise continue to grow. Elkem believes that the industry has a responsibility to contribute to the education of top qualified researchers, who stay ahead of technological developments. Access to qualified researchers with key expertise is necessary for the industry to maintain continuity in technological developments.