Apprentice of the Year from Elkem Salten

Apprentice Anne Dobakk at Elkem Salten (photo) was declared "Apprentice of the Year" on 6th December, and won a scholarship worth NOK 25,000. The foundation Bodø Håndverkstand, in collaboration with Bodø Næringsforum, awards the scholarship to apprentices so that they can continue their professional training.

This year, the foundation has focused on young people who are good role models for their profession, and who show responsibility, commitment and have a good attitude.

Anne Dobakk has been a chemical and processing apprentice at Elkem Salten since September 2008 and became a permanent employee in November of this year. She took her professional qualification on Wednesday, 8 December. Her task was to prepare a furnace for start up after a two-day break.

"There have been a lot of interesting things to learn as an apprentice," says a satisfied Anne Dobakk from the control room at Elkem Salten. "I was surprised that I won the award. Now I must find out what I can use the money for.


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