Elkem Carbon Brasil wins top award

Elkem has received the first prize in Brasil’s “SESI Quality at Work” competition, in the category “Development of social responsibility and environment”. In addition, Elkem received the medal ”Ordem do Mérito do trabalho Getulio Vargas” from the Brasilian work ministry.

General Manager Ernesto Mosaner jr. of Elkem Carbon Brazil (right) accompanied by his colleague, HR coordinator Fernanda Silva Carrafa. In the middle the President of the State Industrial Federation, Lucas Izoton.

This month, Elkem was amongst 90 out of a total of 1737 companies which progressed to the next level.

Last year, Elkem competed in two categories for ”PSQT of the year” (SESI’s award for quality in business) in the Brazilian county Espirito Santo. The categories were “Development of social responsibility and environment”and “Education and development”, in which Elkem received 1st and 2nd position.

SESI honoured actions for recycling maintenance work at primary schools. Elkem has invested a great amount in quality assuring the primary schools.

General Manager Ernesto Mosaner Jr explained that they started working with contributing to better nutrition, as the current situation was poor at the public schools. Subsequently, they continued the maintenance work of the school buildings. Now the programme COLORIR has existed for 12 years, and has been implemented at four schools in the Serra estate. The intention of the project is to teach the children to take care of their school and avoid damage and violent behaviour, according to Mosaner.

”We started counting days without vandalism. Simultaneously, we started raising conciousness, arranging activities and lectures about health, safety and maintenance. This resulted in pupils and their parents becoming more responsible for their local environment, and we could see the effect several places in the estate shortly after”, Mosaner added.

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Sources: SESI – Servico Social da Industria
              CNI (Brasil’s Industrial association)


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