Elkem Carbon in Kristiansand invests close to NOK 30 million in expanding capacity

In a market where demand remains unchanged, Elkem Carbon has in recent years captured markets shares and significantly increased sales of specialised, graphitised carbon to the foundry industry. The company aims to capture further market shares and is now investing NOK 26.7 million to increase by 50% the production capacity for recarburisers at Elkem Fiskaa in Kristiansand.

Plant Manager Odd Olsen, Elkem Carbon

"This is very important for us. The NOK 26.7 million investment ensures Elkem's business in Kristiansand can continue to grow further. Our recarburiser capacity is already at full stretch. It is fantastic, but well deserved that we are now in a position where we can expand production further," says Plant Manager Odd Olsen in Elkem Carbon Fiskaa.

A necessary spice

Recarburisers are kind of a necessary spice in the foundry industry and are used to increase the carbon content of castings. When carbon is added to iron and steel in the right amounts it gives them special properties that make them suitable for use in everything from brake disks and engine blocks to hearths.

A number of companies supply the foundry industry with recarburisers. According to Olsen there are two reasons why Carbon Fiskaa's products in particular are steadily capturing greater market shares:

"We use a specialised, patented process in our production. This, combined with the technical expertise of our workers, means we can make products that are competitive in the global market in terms of both quality and cost here in Norway."

Replacing an old furnace

Elkem Carbon is replacing an old furnace in order to expand capacity. The plan is to complete the capacity expansion in the second quarter of 2015. The rebuilding will be done within the existing emissions requirements. The modifications are the first stage of an expansion plan for Elkem Carbon's greater focus on recarburisers.


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