Elkem Iceland reduces FeSi production by 10,000 tons in Q2

Lack of precipitation and low temperatures in the interior of Iceland in spring and summer last year and a cold winter has resulted in low water levels in the reservoirs of Iceland’s hydro power plants. To ensure supply to its other customers, local power company Landsvirkjun has to decrease power supply to the Elkem Iceland plant, causing the plant to reduce its ferrosilicon production by 10,000 tons in the second quarter.

Elkem Iceland has already reduced the load on its three furnaces to 90 per cent. The plant is preparing to take out one furnace completely from late March to end of April.

The agreement Elkem has with the power company Landsvirkjun opens up for reducing the power supply in scenarios with low water-reservoir levels. General Manager Einar Thorsteinsson points out that this happens very rarely.

“This is luckily an extremely rare situation. Last time something like this happened was in 1998. We will keep all of our commitments to our customers, but the reduction in production means that we will supply less ferrosilicon to the spot market.”

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