Elkem Salten planning to start silicon furnace

Due to changing market conditions Elkem Salten will start a furnace 13 October. After the start-up two out of three furnaces will be running.

"The market conditions indicate that we can run two silicon furnaces in 2010. I am pleased that several of our employees now can go back to their jobs", says plant manager Arve Ulriksen.

At the same time Elkem Salten can't avoid redundancies at the plant. "According to the rules an employee can't be laid off temporarily for more than 52 weeks. Thus 6-10 persons that were laid off first last year, will be redundant", Ulriksen announces.

The management at Elkem Salten informed the employees in a public meeting 16 September. After the start-up the plant will have about 140 employees.


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