Elkem Thamshavn plans to recycle up to 180 GWh per year

Elkem Thamshavn in Orkanger plans to recycle up to 180 GWh per year, halve dust emissions, reduce noise and improve the working environment overall. The plant will thus strengthen its position as the world's most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly silicon plant.

“We have chosen a solution that is based on the current facility, and in addition we are also including upgrades and newbuilds. This three-year pre-project has involved R&D and minor improvements to the current facility," says Alf Tore Haug, plant manager of Elkem Thamshavn.

Recycling 180 GWh of energy is equivalent to 30 - 50 modern wind turbines or the annual energy consumption of 10 - 12,000 households.

Since the solution proposed by Elkem Thamshavn is cheaper than was initially estimated, the funding from ENOVA has been reduced from the NOK 90 million that was originally granted to NOK 39 million.
Work is scheduled to start immediately, and the project is expected to see completion during autumn 2011.

"We are very pleased with the Board's decision and hope that the project will help influence other smelters to implement similar energy-efficiency measures. Energy recycling is just as valuable in terms of global climate goals as other forms of renewable energy. Our hope is that in this way Elkem Thamshavn can act as an example for other similar industries and for climate-related work in general," says Alf Tore Haug.


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