Elkem builds new carbon factory in Malaysia

Over the course of the next year, Elkem Carbon will use NOK 60 million, 10 engineers and technological competence to capture market shares in South East Asia – a strongly growing region.

Over the next few years, there will be considerable growth in the ferroalloy and aluminium industry in South East Asia. This will also mean a considerable increase in demand for electrode paste and other carbon-related products. Elkem therefore recently decided to build an electrode paste factory in Sarawak, Malaysia. The first phase of the project will cost NOK 60 million and the new facility will be ready for production in the third quarter of 2014. 

Asbjørn Søvik, director at Elkem Carbon, explains that the company wishes to build quickly so as to have the best possible opportunity of securing customers:

"We want to build quickly so as to secure good local and regional alternatives for new customers. If we manage that, we will win market share and create a robust basis for further growth in an exciting region with a lot of competition.” 

"To build the factory in Sarawak, Elkem will be using the best of existing technology, competence and systems in Elkem Carbon globally. We shall also be using the best available technology, including new grinding technology that makes less noise and dust. This is part of our initiative for zero emissions and zero dust at all stages of our activities. This will also contribute towards better working conditions in both operations and maintenance.” 

"Elkem Carbon has, and will continue to have, great benefits from the technological understanding, competence and experience of over 400 employees in five factories in Norway, Brazil, China and South Africa. About ten engineers will be dedicated to work on the project that has now started." 


Elkem Carbon

  • One of four divisions of the Elkem group.
  • Leading global producer of electrode paste for the ferroalloy industry.
  • Among the leading producers of other carbon-based products for the ferroalloy, foundry and aluminium industries.
  • Has a total of 408 employees at five facilities in Norway, Brazil, China and South Africa.

The Sarawak project

  • Elkem Carbon is to build a new electrode paste factory in Sarawak, Malaysia.
  • Sarawak is the only known part of the world where a large base of consumers of electrode paste (ferroalloy producers) is under development.
  • Considerable capacity for aluminium and ferroalloys is under development in the area. Hydropower, new ports and other infrastructure are also being developed there.
  • The factory will cost NOK 60 million and will be ready for production in the third quarter of 2014.

Electrode paste

  • Electrode paste consists of calcined anthracite and pitch. It is supplied in the form of briquettes, blocks or cylinders and forms part of self-baking electrode systems in smelters.
  • The smelting plants need the electrodes to conduct electricity and help to provide sufficient heat energy for the smelting process.


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