Elkem delivers environmental improvements

We are reminded every day of the importance of the environment for our common future. Taking care of the environment is and should be a global challenge. Through a century of experience, Elkem has developed into a supplier of environmental improvements and lower energy consumption in the field of metal production.

At the same time, using our metals results in lighter trains, cars and other forms of transport and thereby reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Elkem’s values are based on a zero error philosophy for production and sales, and not least for our impact on the external environment.

Elkem has developed a production process for the lightweight material aluminium that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 per cent. Today we are investing in renewable energy by increasing our production of hydro-electric power at Sauda. This NOK 1.7 billions investment will supply 650 GWh of new, clean energy to the Norwegian electricity grid. We are also building a factory based on a proprietary process for producing solar-grade silicon, which will consume 60-80 per cent less energy than the current silicon process. In this case we have developed a solution in a rapidly growing market that will help to increase the use of renewable energy.

This development is based on strong production, marketing and research expertise, at home and abroad. Close cooperation with universities and research institutions has positioned Elkem as a supplier of “green” processes and products.


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