Elkem research fund gives innovation prize to environmental entrepreneur

Elkem research fund (EFF)’s innovation prize this year has been awarded Dr. Knut Henriksen of Metallkraft. Dr. Henriksen receives the prize for his entrepreneurial achievements for the company. Metallkraft is specializing in recycling silicon carbide from sawing solar cell wafers.

The prize was handed out at the PROSIN conference in Kristiansand on 25 May. The innovation prize of NOK 50,000 is given to individuals or groups who are active in research and development within Norwegian metallurgical or chemical industry.

Since 2007 Dr. Knut Henriksen has worked with recycling of silicon carbide and glycol from sawing solar cell wafers and is still working on utilizing the silicon from the sawdust.

-The area in which Dr. Henriksen and Metallkraft are specializing is significant for eliminating potential sources of pollution and for returning valuable raw material to wafer producers. Creating value from waste through environmentally sound processes is a necessary development, says R&D director Ragnar Tronstad in Elkem Solar.

Metallkraft’s head office is located in Kristiansand and it has production sites in Norway, Singapore and China. In four years the company has grown from one to 200 employees.
Dr. Knut Henriksen has previously worked with research within Elkem.

EFF is managed  by R&D director Ragnar Tronstad (Elkem Solar), special advisor Astrid Brenna (Norges forskningsråd, the Norwegian research council) and professor Merete Tangstad (NTNU).


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