Future promise at Elkem Salten

A new Sidistar plant, Norsk Industri's Safety prize and start-up of furnace 1 as planned. The spirit is high at Elkem Salten. Thursday 15 October CEO Helge Aasen opened the new factory that will supply special microsilica products to the plastic and rubber markets.

"I'm impressed by the glowing involvement I've seen here today. The kind of unique special products that are produced at the Sidistar plant are Elkem's future", said Aasen after a tour at the new facility and the rest of the plant.

The Sidistar facility makes it possible to manufacture products with a higher degree of purity than could previously be achieved. “The expansion means new jobs here,” says plant manager Arve Ulriksen. “We’re very proud that it’s been carried through despite the difficult times we’ve experienced. Work on the plant has been under way for just over a year, and has been completed within a budget framework of NOK 50 million.”

Incorporate groundbreaking technological advances, the plant has already received its first orders.

Now that the facility has reached full production, Elkem Salten ranks as the largest global supplier of special silica to a demanding market.

“We’ve succeeded through a good commitment from those involved in the project.  “Completing the new plant for special microsilica is the first phase in our commitment to developing new products here at Salten,” says Mr Ulriksen.

 “Innovation and new facilities occupy a key place if our future is to be secured. We must develop products which incorporate new technology to distinguish us from our competitors."

“Completing this development to budget and on schedule has been a big challenge for our organisation,” says Børge Imingen, head of Elkem Salten’s microsilica department.

The plant has an annual production capacity in the order of 8 000 tonnes of various special variants.


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