Grant winner to Elkem Carbon

Anna Karolina Orleanski was one of ten candidates to be awarded an Alarga Grant of NOK 100,000 on 10 June. The grant consists of NOK 50,000 per year for two years.

Orkla is one of several enterprises to support Alarga, a not-for-profit special interest organisation whose mission is to make way in private enterprise for capable young individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Anna Karolina Orleanski was born in Norway of Polish parents. Ms. Orleanski has a bachelor's degree in economics and resource management from Oslo University College, and she is an active elite swimmer. She is fluent in Polish, Norwegian, English and German.

Elkem Carbon
Grant recipients pledge to take a summer job in the company for two summers, and to complete a master's thesis on a topic selected in collaboration with the company.

Anna's summer job will be with Elkem Carbon, where Øyvind Låstad will be her mentor.

Alarga is the Latin name for "open sea" or "reaching out".

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