HMS prize for Elkem Thamshavn

Elkem’s 2007 award for health, safety and the environment was presented to Elkem Thamshavn for a marked improvement in this area. Elkem Aluminium Lista won the EBS prize, while Elkem Bremanger Silicon was acclaimed as the most profitable plant of the year.

Criteria for the HSE prize include the number of lost-time injuries, total recordable injuries and job observations as well as total reported non-conformances per employee during the year.
 “In addition to the actual numbers, we gave most weight to improvement from 2006,” explained HSE manager Mark Breidenthal. “The nominees all showed major gains for every parameter.

“Thamshavn had the poorest starting point, and showed major advances through structured work. We wanted to reward this turnaround and encourage further progress.”

Lista won its award for pioneering work on EBS development and implementation, EBS coach Øyvind Sørlie reported during the prize-giving ceremony at Elkem’s leadership conference.
 “This plant has practised EBS in most of its departments and functions for many years, and is constantly looking for new applications.

“That’s made it a benchmark for EBS in Elkem over a long period. A number of organisation from our group, Sapa and other Orkla units have visited the plant to learn about EBS in practice. “Lista is a big contributor to the EBS University and Orkla Production Academy. Experience with EBS in management and work practices has also become one of the basic principles in the commercialisation of the new Søderberg technology.”

Criteria for the profitability award relate both to actual financial results, in terms of operating profit and economic value added (EVA), and to the real year-on-year progress.
 “Elkem Bremanger Silicon has enhanced its profitability through improvement efforts in a number of areas,” said chief financial officer Morten Viga.

These activities include strong and clear local management based on EBS principles, and good HSE advances – particularly for personal safety.
 Others are continuous improvement in and stabilisation of operational performance, both in the furnace process and the Silgrain plant, and the development of long-term client positions through customer value management.
 “Taken together, this work means that the plant now enjoys a substantially better profitability than in earlier years,” Mr Viga concluded. 
 “That also provides a basis for further development of both plant and customer positions in the time to come.”


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