Leading Norwegian companies join forces to combat climate chang

- Business and Public Authorities must join Forces in Building a Low Carbon Society

Today, 13 major international companies in Norway join forces in a new partnership with far-reaching ambitions to combat climate change. The project, called KlimaGevinst or “Climate benefit”, will strive to make Norwegian businesses front runners in developing a low carbon community. 

These are some of the ambitions the business leaders in KlimaGevinst wish to bring to the fore in 2008:

  •  Significant energy savings with emissions of greenhouse gases reduced to a minimum
  • Norway as a major export country of renewable energy
  • Norwegian businesses globally recognized as the most climate friendly within their respective industries
  • The Clean Tech industry and related services as a major and expanding Norwegian export sector
  • Companies, residential buildings and infrastructure being less exposed to future climate change

KlimaGevinst involves 13 companies that represent total earnings of NOK 450 billion: Det Norske Veritas, DnB Nor, Elkem, The Grieg Group, Hydro, NorgesGruppen, Scatec, Statkraft, Telenor, TrygVesta, Veidekke, Veolia Miljø and Yara. They are all important Norwegian companies with ambitions and means to make a difference in the battle to combat climate change.

KlimaGevinst is initiated by the leading independent Scandinavian think tank and publication Mandag Morgen (“Monday Morning”), and will cooperate closely with Copenhagen Climate Council, a global network of decision makers within business, science and public policy, also initiated by Mandag Morgen. 

The research and collaborative discussions will through 2008 focus on the following issues:
Scenarios for the carbon markets, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, climate management, capture and reuse of climate gases and adaptation to climate change. 

Results and recommendations will be published in a report at the end of 2008.

For further information, please contact:  
Terje Osmundsen, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, Mandag Morgen. Tel: +47 909 23 696
Linda Runesson, analyst Mandag Morgen, tel: 908 51 118

Contact persons in the partner companies:
DnBNOR: Dag Arne Kristensen, tel + 47 90 14 07 06 
DNV: Tore Høifødt, tel + 47 90 60 26 94 
Elkem: Johan Hovland, tel + 47 917 63 491 
Grieg gruppen: Henry Svendsen, tel + 47 952 06 027 
Hydro: Lars Nermoen, tel + 47 902 40 153 
NorgesGruppen: Per Roskifte, tel + 47 415 16 00 
Scatec: Sven Røst, tel + 47 932 53196 
Statkraft: Torbjørn Steen, tel + 47 911 66 888 
Telenor: Ola Jo Tandre, tel + 47 951 74 579 
TrygVesta: Roald Stigum Olsen, tel + 47 95 11 92 10
Veidekke: Kai Krüger Henriksen, tel + 47 905 19 360 
Veolia: Runa Oppdal Kerr, tel + 47 415 15 427 
Yara: Hamed Mozaffari Brodersen, tel + 47 404 68 110

For more information:
www.mandagmorgen.no | www.klimagevinst.no


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