Norway's Minister of Petroleum and Energy visits Elkem Solar

On 19 May 2010, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Terje Riis-Johansen, visited Elkem Solar. The Minister was received by CEO, Helge Aasen and plant manager Geir Ausland, who showed him around the solar grade silicon production facility.

At the department for solidification and post treatment, Riis-Johansen was shown a new factory which is the largest land-based industrial facility in many years.

Elkem Solar has developed an entirely new technology which uses only a fourth of the energy that traditional technologies are using.

Helge Aasen pointed out to the Minister that Norwegian industry can bring about a quantum leap in terms of environmental technology which is of major global significance for global emissions and reduced energy use.

"If we are to keep triggering this potential we must have a competitive metals and materials industry, where it is imperative that measures be taken to introduce a Norwegian system to compensate for the CO2 quota costs in the energy price," said Mr Aasen.

Mr Riis-Johansen was also shown around the pilot facility at Elkem Solar. "Support schemes for demo and pilot facilities should be strengthened in order to increase the rate of innovation in this type of industry, where Norway has a long tradition of possessing leading technology environments," said Aasen.


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