The Crown Prince inaugurated Elkem Solar

The official opening of Elkem Solar’s factory based on new and groundbreaking technology for the production of solar-grade silicon was celebrated on Friday 21 August. HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway cut the ribbon at the energy-saving plant

The Crown Prince and Princess were welcomed by chair of Orkla Stein Erik Hagen (foto: Tomm Christiansen)

"Elkem Solar represents a technological leap forward. We need many of them to protect the earth from global warming. Every kilo of silicon from this new factory is a contribution to a better future for coming generations. It is a great pleasure to declare Elkem Solar’s new factory for production of solar grade silicon officially open!" said the Crown Prince.

Elkem Solar Silicon® is a forward-looking product which will reduce global carbon emissions. It is used in solar power cells capable of generating renewable energy for more than 30 years. The Kristiansand factory produces solar-grade silicon with one-quarter of the energy required by plants employing traditional technology.

In addition to the Crown Prince and Princess, guests at the opening ceremony included the ministers of the environment and international development and of trade and industry as well as other prominent politicians, representatives of trade and industry, and members of the executive managements and boards of Elkem and Orkla. 

Elkem Solar
- has developed  Elkem Solar Silicon® for use in solar cells
- has built a new factory costing NOK 4,2 billion
- will produce 6 000 tonnes of high-purity silicon a year
- has five process stages: silicon furnace, slag refinement (pyro), leaching (hydro), solidification and post-treatment
- has 270 employees
- is wholly owned by Elkem AS, a company in the Orkla group
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