Elkem AS and Silingen GmbH engage in Exclusive Co-Operation Agreement

Elkem and Silingen have signed an exclusive co-operation agreement on production, sales and marketing and product development of FeSi Briquettes to the Steel industry.

Picture from Silingen Products

Silingen has for years developed and produced high quality FeSi briquettes in their facility in Poland using mainly raw materials from Elkem. The Silingen facility can produce up to 18.000 mt per annum.

Elkem is a major global supplier of Ferrosilicon production to the Steel Industry for decades.

Both parties have agreed to come to a co-operation where Elkem will be responsible for supply of raw materials, as well as sales & marketing of the FeSi Briquettes under the brand name BriqSil TM, while Silingen will take responsibility for production at their existing facility in Poland. Product development will be a joint effort between Elkem, Silingen and our customers.

For our customers this co-operation will give them the stability of supply and guarantee of quality products.

The co-operation will start as and from 1.1.2017.


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