Elkem employees with large order of solar panels

Elkem solar solar panel
Kristiansand, 26 April 2016: Many people talk about becoming environmentally friendly, but 55 Elkem employees in Kristiansand has taken the next step. This spring they joined forces and ordered 700 solar panels to be installed on their own homes.
What could be the largest private order of solar cells in Norway consists of 700 solar panels produced by REC Solar in Singapore and based on Elkem Solar Silicon (ESS®) from Elkem Solar in Kristiansand, where the 55 employees work.

The initiative was taken by the employees themselves and is led by process engineer Johan Heide in Elkem Solar. He explains that his motivation is a mixture of wanting to become more environmentally friendly, the opportunity to learn more about Elkem Solar's product and, finally, to help kick-start the market for solar panels on roof tops in Norway.

- Solar panels are convenient, smart and profitable. I think the initiative from our employees is excellent, and we hope that other people see the opportunity to follow suit. That will lower the prices on pre-assembled systems, which is a necessity to get the marked in Norway started, says Geir Ausland, managing director of Elkem Solar.

Another Elkem Solar employee, Gunstein Skomedal, has already installed solar panels on his home in Kristiansand.

- Solar panels can be integrated into buildings and function as a natural part of its energy account. Gone are the days when we were only energy consumers. Now we can produce it ourselves, says Skomedal.


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